10 May

Life is everything. Without it, nothing can matter. It takes life for the world to be perceived and have any meaning whatsoever. All life forms serve this purpose and each variety represents a different way of perception. The varieties of life are the currency of life, and must be treated as such.

We live in a time where one form of life, human, threatens the very survival of most others. Rarely, if ever, in the history of life itself has one form of life so drastically devaluated all other life forms. Surely, human egocentrism, or anthropocentrism, must be the most critical moral issue of our time.

The fact of evolution by means of natural selection may well be the greatest insight about life ever to be discovered. Elaborated by Darwin and Wallace, and articulated by Thomas Huxley, they demonstrated that all life forms are related and that no form of life is more unique than any other. A couple of centuries later, we still have a long way to go before this valuable insight is properly reflected in our self-perception as a species.

Anders C. Krogh

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